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Travel Trivia Puzzles


FinalView has recently implemented another successful iPhone/iPad application - Travel Trivia Puzzle.

The application combines the best features of Puzzles, Trivia & Travel.
It is Fun & Educational for all ages.
Learn about the world while you puzzle!

It's fun and easy to play Travel Trivia Puzzles.
First, try our free starter pack of puzzles.
Then browse through our all over the world puzzles to solve.
Each pack is a one time download and if you delete any pack, it can be re-downloaded or free at anytime without paying again.
Once you select a puzzle you feel like playing, choose your level of difficulty (easy, normal, hard). Then it's time for a challenging puzzle. Each puzzle has a tricky question to be solved when playing.
You can leave your unfinished puzzle without saving, and when you come back it will be there for you.

New puzzles are added constantly.

This application is brining a world of learning and fun to your fingertips!


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