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iTattoo Artist


FinalFiew has successfully implemented the only realistic tattoo app available: iTattoo Artist designed by tattoo artist Jeremy Swan:

Fratures implemented:
- Grip the tube in your hand and the device vibrates as the sound of a real tattoo machine buzzes away.
- 'Blood' will start to splatter and fill up the screen.
- Release your grip so you can 'wipe' away the blood.
- Finally, 'shake' to remove the blood entirely.
- Add your own photos to the Gallery.
- While using Liner or Shader shake the device to see photos with tattoo.

There are three views to choose from:
-'Liner' is what a tattoo artist uses to draw the lines.
-'Shader' is used to to do the shading and the color work.
-'Close-up' is just that... a close-up view of the needles that spans the width of your screen!


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