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FinalView implemented amazing application for people facing tough task of running part-time business in addition to full time jobs and daly routines.

- Do you want to take your network marketing, MLM or direct sales business to the next level?
- How would you like to have a million dollar earner encouraging you, and holding you accountable on a daily basis?
- Do you want to set goals, tasks, and reminders based on your business preferences alerting you on your mobile device?
- What if you could easily manage, and rank your prospects for the ultimate follow up system?
- Do you want to get away from business cards lying around everywhere?
- Do you want to track your progress, and know your sales percentages so you can hit your goals and plan for the future?

If you’re like most people with a part-time business, you have a limited amount of time for your business, and organized follow up is a HUGE challenge. Business cards are in the back seat of your car, your goals and reminders are all over your house, and you don’t know what to promote or where to spend your time. What if you’ve met the ideal prospect, but because you weren’t organized and had no tracking system, they never got to see your product or your business? Take control of your business and use this app to become a professional! This app was built with input from million dollar earners in the direct sales, MLM, and network marketing industries. This app is like having a MILLION dollar earner following you around telling you who to call, what to promote, and what areas of your business need to improve.

Application Features implemented by FinalView:

- Picture upload function to remember your contacts,
- Business card upload or quick photo option,
- Rating system so you can connect with your BEST contacts first,
- Track your progress with summaries in days, months, weeks, and years to see how your percentages converting your contacts to customers,
- Calendar and reminder functionality for appointments, meetings, and events,
- Upload current contacts from your iPhone to your app, and sync your app with your phone and calendar,
- Create daily tasks, and activity goals to stimulate your business growth.

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