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Ask iQ: Bankruptcy & Divorce


Are you facing the prospect of divorce or bankruptcy?
Lawyers can cost a lot of money. A little education in the privacy of your own phone can save you time and costs!

Ask iQ: Bankruptcy & Divorce brings you experts that help sort through the basics of applying for bankruptcy or filing for divorce. It helps educate you in many of the issues you may encounter.

- How much will this cost?
- How does it impact my long term credit?
- How do I choose a lawyer?
- Can I buy a house after bankruptcy?
- Do I have to cancel my credit cards?

- How does this affect my assets?
- What if my ex won't pay child support?
- How is alimony calculated?
- How is custody typically decided?
- Can fathers get custody of the children?

Topics Include:
- Legal definitions
- Filing and process basics
- What to Expect
- Hiring a Lawyer
- Bankruptcy eligibility
- Chapters 7, 11 and 13
- Impact on Assets, Property and Debts
- Issue pertaining to business owners
- Credit impact
- Alimony
- Custody
- Child Support
- Guardian ad Litem (GAL)
  And more…

Unlike some Apps that simply provide random pieces of information with little order or organization, the Ask iQ series allows you to select and browse relevant topics to get information that is pertinent to you. Our team of legal professionals answer your questions about Bankruptcy and Divorce to help you figure out what to expect and understand whether filing is right for you.

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