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Oh Marbles!


This marbles game presents the classic game of marbles in a retro style. Great for adults who remember playing marbles as a kid.

FinalView implemented the only classic marbles game on the App Store that plays like the real game of marbles you played as a kid. Play dropsies and actually drop the marble. Shoot marbles out of a ring. Win new marbles sets. We even feature real marble designs from artists who make hand made marbles.

Application Features:

- Three different marbles games; ringer, ring taw, dropsies,
- Fifteen different imaginary locations,
- 100 marble designs included,
- More marble designs to win and download,
- Animated, 3D and Cartoon marbles,
- Swipe, double-touch, and flick to shoot marbles,
- You can even send us marble designs,
- Live instrument audio and voices.

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