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Green Tips


Do you and your kids know how to be green? Are you looking for easy ways to save money and save the planet? Looking for your kid to do more than play another game on your phone? Green Tips Application makes it easy!

The App gives you information on how to…
- Make classrooms more efficient and reduce wasted energy.
- Save up to 20% of energy bill at home with a few simple techniques.
- Save water at home with little or no effort.
- Be a green pet owner.
- Save gas and improve fuel consumption in just three easy steps.
- Help your community become more green.

Can’t find the information you are looking for? No problem – the Green Tips App allows you to “Ask the Expert” to get the answers you want. The experts will answer your questions and this new information will be added to the app.

The App helps you to find info on:
- What to teach your kids/parents
- Being green at school or in a dorm
- Green activities
- Top ways to save $
- Tips for pet owners
- Tips for each room in your house

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