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King's Orders: Savages - Chapter One


Amazing game was developed by FinalView: King's Orders.

King's Orders - Contain the Savage without hurting it. The Soldiers, reluctant and not particularly fond of their jobs, risk life and limb to capture loose Savages outside the King's Castle. Savage after Savage, round after round, the Soldiers grow increasingly scared and tired while their King runs off to get the cages. It's safe to say he is definitely NOT the bravest in the Kingdom!

King's Orders: Savages - Chapter One takes a comedic approach at the roles of Medieval Soldiers, their King and the orders they're given.

Great game play and comedy combined with the best features of Apple's iOS makes King's Orders a truly unique and fun filled experience for all to enjoy.

Object of the Game:

- The 15 soldiers must contain the Savage while avoiding its attacks.

- Tilt the device to move the group of locked arm soldiers.

- Each new round will be 5 seconds longer then the last. There are 20 rounds.

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