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Cross Binary


Cross Binary is an amazing number game that is easy to learn.Players can test their  math skills using binary and decimal numbers with this App.

Game is simple. Select a challenging game level. Each game contains decimal numbers that are displayed for you to convert to binary and to solve the puzzle. While at the same time you are playing against the clock to get the least amount of time spent to complete the puzzle. The binary numbers will fill in the grid and will go across, going up and/or reverse depending on game level selection. There is also the optional calculator that you can use for assistance to help convert decimals to binary. It’s not only a fun game, but also an educational tool to learn the binary numbering system. It is for users of all ages to enjoy.

- Beautiful looking graphical user interface,

- Easy tap selection features,

- Convenient string calculator in each puzzle game,

- Different challenging game levels,

- High Scores screen feature to keep track of your best times against the clock for each game.

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