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**Caution- Highly Addicting!**

PALMS Casino Fantasy Blackjack, the official app of PALMS Casino in Las Vegas Nevada, borrows the "fantasy league" competition format from Fantasy Football and allows you to compete one-on-one against your friends at the Blackjack table!

Fantasy Leagues + Competitive Blackjack = NON. STOP. FUN.

Game features developed by FinalView:

- Become a Commissioner and form your own Fantasy Blackjack league by inviting your friends to join via Facebook, iPhone Contacts, or email. Only takes two minutes to start a new league/season and to start playing!

- Create custom "Deal Offers" and become the Blackjack Dealer for your league and let the game software deal cards to your friends on your behalf… you don’t need to be online. Just like a real Blackjack table, you choose from 19 different standard Blackjack table rules (hit on 16 or 17, Blackjack payout, Minimum Bet, Maximum Bet, Split Aces?, etc.). Create smart Deal Offers and you can clean your friends out!

- Automatically tracks player debts during the course of a Fantasy Blackjack season… see who owes you money and see who you owe! This report is appropriately called "THE LIST".

- Talk trash to other players in your Fantasy Blackjack leagues and rub it in when you hit that huge Double Down!

- The player that has the most digital cash at the end of a Fantasy Blackjack season will win the season… and a new season can begin.

- A Fantasy Blackjack Season can be as short as one day or as long as 90 days. Create or join as many Fantasy Blackjack leagues and seasons as you want… the action never stops!

Apple Store Reviews:

"Most Blackjack games are repetitive and get old quick. Fantasy Blackjack is different. Winning hands instantly makes you feel like you are taking your friends wallet and conversely, losing money makes you want to win it back. Best fantasy/casino game out there."

"If you have ever sat down a table in Vegas with your friends and played Blackjack this is the only thing that can come close and is a must have app. I picked it up a couple days ago and I haven’t put it down."

"Simply awesome Blackjack app. Very user friendly. With the Fantasy Football season nearing its end, this is a great way to keep the competition going. Love it!"

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