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FinalView implemented wonderful dream of many beer lovers. NearBeer is the first app that finds the closest location to buy beer at the lowest price. By using this application any beer lover can earn points and build a “Cap Collection”, become the “Brew Master” of a geographic area, and utilizes a crowd-sourced dataset of reviews and deals, ensuring up-to-date results.

Features developed by FinalView team:

- Find the Closest Locations - Stuck in a strange city or at a party in a new locale? Simply punch up NearBeer and let it provide you with the closest establishments serving or selling a delicious frosty brew.

- Find the Best Deals - NearBeer not only finds you the closest locations, but it finds you the best deal. Search by distance, brand or quantity to find the best deal on the beer of your choice.

- Push Notification - Find out right away when new deals are posted in your area! NearBeer has a push notification system that is customizable to any distance of your preference.

- Build Your Profile - Earn points and add caps to your collection by finding deals, taking pictures, policing fraudulent entries and verifying great deals. Become the Brew Master of your city, state or even the entire country!

- Facebook and Twitter Integration - Let your friends know about the new bar that just opened, or the best deal on a six-pack. NearBeer integrates with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you let the world know you are out having a blast and uncovering great deals (optional).

Get in on the ground floor of this revolutionary app! NearBeer will pay for itself by saving you money on Beer! Be the first of your friends to start earning points and caps.

Apple Store reviews:

"This app is amazing! I travel a lot for work and I never know a good place to grab a quick brew-now that has changed! I love this app and highly recommend it!"

"Finally, an app that points me in the right direction when all I want is an ice cold beer! Great app!!!"

"Awesome app! Great way to discover places that offer your favorite beers at a good price. Interactive fun."

FinalView team has also developed NearBeer marketing website: http://mynearbeer.com/

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