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Initial Project Proposal

The first step of every project is for FinalView to gather enough information so that we can provide you an initial proposal to determine the level of effort for completing the project. We will come back to you with a detailed proposal that goes over the level of effort for each feature line item. The proposal will either be fix bid or a price range if there are not enough details fix bid the project. Upon acceptance of our proposal we will move to Step 2

Specifications Documentation (Discovery Phase)

The next step is to create a detailed specifications document that describes the functional requirements. During this phase we will create prototype wireframe mockups and a detailed specifications document that goes over the user experience of your project. This is the most important stage of a project and together with the UI design phase can take up to 25% of the project time.

User Interface Design

Once the prototype wireframes and specifications document are approved we start the user interface designs of the application. This usually starts first with the logo and then the main application screen. All the sub screens will be created next. The final work product will be Photoshop design files. Lastly, if this is a web-based project a HTML Coder will also convert the Photoshop design file (PSD files) into HTML/CSS and make your designs compliant across all major browsers.

Upon completion of Step 2 and Step 3 the work product is passed onto the development team to estimate the level of effort to development your project. At this point you will receive a detailed Gantt project chart that puts all the features on a development timeline. This is also the point where we will completely fix bid and commit to a firm project budget. This fix bid usually falls within the initial proposal ranges, but in some cases may go outside the range based new features and requirements.


Upon approval of Step 3 development officially starts. You will receive frequent project updates from the team and also Gantt charts to track the progress of the project. If it is a web-based project then you will have a private URL to view progress. For mobile projects we will send you application builds that you can sync to view on our mobile device

QA Testing and Client Acceptance

Toward the end of the project we will begin detailed QA testing to make sure that your application matches to the original specifications documents and user interface designs approved in Step 2 and 3. When our team has gone through these bugs we will also invite you to review the application and sign off before launching your application on live production server(s).

Change Order Process

It is normal for projects to go through change orders during the product development life cycle. We will work with you on these changes and determine the level of effort to complete them along with their impact on the development timeline. A change order will be provided for you to review and track each change order and the Gantt chart will be updated to show the new items added

Post Launch Support

FinalView will remain as your day-to-day development team to fix any bugs and implement new features for your application. In-house network administrators can assist with provisioning new servers and performing database maintenance. We have support plans to fit your needs with quick response times.


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