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Clock Timer Tool


With Clock Timer Tool, mastery can be measured.

Excellence in any discipline is a result of thousands of hours of deliberate practice.
Such commitment, originally documented by Anders Ericsson, and referenced by several authors in the years since, is commonly known as the “10,000 hour rule.”Now it’s easy to monitor your own dedication with Clock Timer Tool.

Aiming to be a gold medal swimmer or a virtuoso violinist? Want to track hours spent on housework, commuting, studying Shakespeare, or changing diapers? Use Clock Timer Tool and measure your dedication to any type of project. Enter your goals & track the time you spend working toward each — from life’s mundane tasks, to lifelong aspirations.

Borrowing principles from aviation chronometers, Clock Timer Tool features:

1.Multiple Goal Setting [each task can be tracked separately]
2.Simultaneous Tracking of multiple tasks [eg: commuting AND listening to Shakespeare on CD]
3.Ability to Prorate Hours already spent toward your goals, and Add or Subtract Time at any point
4.Creative ways to Visualize Progress using a variety of chrono faces:
- 1 hour clock including second hand, plus digital display
- 10 hour clock, plus digital display
- 10,000 hour clock, plus digital display
- Three analog clock faces (1, 10, and 10,000) on single screen
- Three digital displays on single screen
5.Project Details showing progress and time remaining
6.Alarm feature for interval alerts

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