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iStayYoung is a blend of the latest scientific neurobiology research from around the world. Breaking your daily routine, using your senses in a new context, doing stimulating exercises and adopting healthier behaviors, CAN help you stay fit and alert so you have better chances to fight mental and physical decline.

How the application works:

1. Each day, we deliver you a new fun challenge that you can do anywhere, anytime while you're getting up, commuting, working, eating, shopping or relaxing.

2. Do it! “Consistency” is truly the key to getting results.

3. Don’t know a word or activity we suggest, search it. The goal is to stimulate your senses and abilities. To keep them young!

4. Once done, see your score; get rewarded with encouragements and a glimpse at the science behind each challenge.

5. Got behind on your daily challenges? No worry. You can catch up by going back to the past challenges you’ve missed.

This is the first app based on the latest scientific research from leading neurobiology labs around the world.

Its moto: Have *fun* feeling young!

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