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American Cherry

The Ultimate Party Game with an Adult Twist!

American Cherry is a word guessing game tailored for college and adult audiences. With hilarious sex positions, drink names, and adult phrases, this application will keep you and your friends laughing all night long.

To play, you create teams and get your teammates to guess the word on the screen. When the timer runs out, the team whose turn it is loses! There are also several rule variations included with the game in case you want to make it more interesting!

Also, this application allows you to ADD YOUR OWN WORDS! Once you download the application, you can add words into the game. Future updates will include words from users around the globe!

Other Features Include:

- Game Timer Options: Select between 0:30 and 5:00

- Random Timer Option

- Create Teams: Give your teams names and keep score within the app!

- Save Games in Progress: Save your game and load it the next time you and your friends are together.

-  Directions: A full set of directions is included in the application. There are also some optional game rules to spice it up!


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