Mobile applications developer and mobile game design for various platforms: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile.

 "We have the expertise to launch mobile applications and mobile web portals. Our applications have made it into the TOP25/50 and received press coverage."

FinalView is a mobile applications developer that specializes across many popular platforms.
We can create applications for the iPhone and iPad devices and smartphones under Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile platforms. FinalView app developers made over 100+ mobile applications since summer 2007. It is a single vendor that provides high-level UE/UI design and development to launch highly complex projects that require massive scalability. FinalView has worked on new innovative and proprietary applications. We have a very well defined process and documentation to support our successfully deployed clients.

We support projects from intial idea to submission into the Apple App Store and Android Market.

We offer:
- Business Applications and Games;
- Mobile Service Development;
- Integration of E-mail, Google Maps, SMS, Video Applications.

Our advantages:
- Experience in lots of successful projects (portfolio of 100+ applications)
- Application development fo the main platforms : iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
- Developing cross-platform applications
- Doing work accurately and on time
- Flexible pricing
- Using advanced technologies in the development of mobile applications and games for mobile phones
- Our projects and solutions are profitable for our customers

Our clients realize that exceptional technology drives revenue and profits as well as organized cooperation with customers.

Working stages:
- Project preparation and initial proposal
- Agreement to start engagement
- Creation of technical assignment
- Design and UI asset creation
- Development (native mobile and server-side)
- QA testing
- Submission to App Stores.

FinalView is an expert in mobile application development and mobile game design for various platforms and we guarantee the quality of our products.

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